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Technology • Printing • Sep 2020

New standards in digital cut-sheet colour production

 Built on a proven and reliable technology platform with enhanced automation and extensive media-handling capabilities, the imagePRESS C10010VP sets new standards in productivity, application diversity and quality •  It's the solution for high volume print environments that strive to achieve more. More volume, more applications, more quality and more profit.

For commercial print businesses or in-house print rooms looking to boost productivity, while delivering a diverse mix of high-quality printed output, you can always count on the imagePRESS C10010VP to get the job done.

Meet the tightest deadlines with uninterrupted high-speed, high-quality print all day, every day. Achieve maximum production with two models that offer print speeds of up to 90ppm (imagePRESS C9010VP) and 100ppm (imagePRESS C10010VP) so you can turn jobs around as fast as possible.

This high-performance cut-sheet digital print solution offers automated printing on-demand at a new level, resulting in far less manual intervention and far greater production efficiency. Advanced features include Ultrasonic Multi-Sheet Feed Detection, active front-to-back registration and Inline Spectrometric Sensor (ILS) for simple colour pre-adjustment on every page.

Canon's Dual Fixing Unit ensures that full productivity is maintained even if different media, of mixed weights and textures, are used for the same job. And taking it one step further, the optional High Capacity Stacker can be unloaded and loaded during print run for a 24/7 operation.

With the option of adding a long-sheet paper input module, you can now introduce auto-duplex printing on media up to 762mm, feeding 1,000 sheets through Canon POD Deck XL. Why not achieve more? The BDT VX 370 Feeder feeds up to 5,000 sheets of banner-size media thanks to its unique feeding technology, so rest assured the press can handle peak volumes with ease.

Turn customer challenges into profitable opportunities

Now you can grow your offering with print products that deliver high value. Thanks to synthetic media support, you can expand your offering to cater for customers that require more durable and water-resistant applications. You can also print on long-sheet media up to1300mm for a wider range of marketing collateral. Offer different media weights, between 60 and 400gsm, and support embossed paper. CV Toner + more media versatility + more finishing options = highly creative applications. And higher value leads to higher margins.

With imagePRESS, quality is never in question. Thanks to its innovative R-VCSEL technology, Multi-D.A.T. colour adjustment and versatile screen patterns for ultimate image quality, you will have the confidence to deliver a diverse range of high quality applications, from menus to mailers and from books to long-sheet banners. The unique structure of CV Toner offers superior durability and higher transfer performance, so you can benefit from even higher precision for text and images on every page of every run.

For maximum flexibility you can create your own configuration that suits your business's needs. Choose from a wide range of Canon and third party finishing solutions with DFD Bridge connectivity so you can create an end product, ready for immediate delivery, from start to finish. • 9/20


Cloud platform • Ago 2020

First true multicloud architecture for contact centres

Broad multivendor ecosystem of leading cloud platforms, technology providers and system integrator resellers gives enterprises greater control and flexibility

Genesys, a global leader in contact centre solutions, has announced the industry's first native multicloud architecture.

With new levels of flexibility, agility and choice, it's now simpler for organisations to build a rich multivendor ecosystem and tailor their infrastructure, deployment and management models to fit their business. This gives enterprises the resiliency, portability and scalability they need to future proof their contact centres.

Multicloud gives organisations ultimate control  

Genesys Engage customers can now more easily adopt cloud-delivered innovations, resulting in more personalised service that drives customer engagement and loyalty. In addition, organisations can benefit from the ability to transition to the cloud while preserving existing technology investments and complying with rigorous data and security requirements.

The newly containerised architecture of Genesys Engage built using open standards enables Genesys Engage customers to select private or public cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployments with Genesys Cloud™ or third-party providers. For example, with Genesys Engage, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles benefits from a single platform to support a diverse set of applications, cloud deployment models and vendors across their global enterprise. In addition, the multicloud architecture makes it possible for organisations to run Genesys Engage in the private cloud of their choice, including leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

The multicloud approach also allows every Genesys Engage customer , both cloud and on-premises, to consume innovation with speed and ease regardless of their deployment model. For instance, it enables organisations using Genesys Engage to access the artificial intelligence powered capabilities of Genesys Cloud, such as Predictive Engagement and Workforce Engagement Management, as a completely integrated solution.

Multicloud ecosystem support drives big benefits

In addition, cloud customers can decide how Genesys Engage is operated – independently, by Genesys or managed by a partner such as Accenture, Aria SolutionsAvtexBT, CognizantConvergeOne, Infosys, NTT LTD or Orange Business Services. Further, organisations can move their software applications between different clouds or utilise multiple providers to address varying geographic needs and data sovereignty requirements.

Enterprises using Genesys Engage benefit from its open architecture, which enables them to avoid vendor lock-in. They can also easily extend their core contact Centre solution by integrating existing applications from many providers, like AWSGoogle Cloud, Microsoft, Nuance and Calabrio to name a few. This offers organisations more options to support a range of solutions, including voice and chatbots, workforce engagement management, voice and speech recognition and more.

Commenting on Genesys multicloud architecture:

  • "For decades, businesses had to choose between a suite of applications from a single vendor or siloed best-of-breed systems, resulting in an administrative nightmare, high costs and inconsistent customer experiences. With our multicloud architecture, we're partnering with our customers to overcome this challenge," said Barry O'Sullivan, executive vice president and general manager for Genesys Multicloud Solution. "We're giving enterprises the ultimate freedom to customize and future-proof their contact centre technology and infrastructure so they can deliver unique experiences for every customer."

  • "For most global enterprises, running their business in the cloud with one provider isn't realistic," said Robert Allman, Global senior vice president, Customer Experience at NTT LTD. "Multicloud is the way forward, and Genesys is giving our customers the kind of versatility they need to build the cloud environment that best suits their requirements, while optimising their contact centre investment." 

  • "The results are in; cloud is the answer," said Sheila McGee-Smith, president, McGee-Smith Analytics. "But enterprises, especially large, globally-deployed ones, want a vote in how customer experience cloud transformation is accomplished. By giving businesses their choice of cloud platforms, deployment models and management approaches, Genesys Engage is delivering an architecture that enterprises can mold to meet their specific needs. This allows them to leverage the latest technologies and provide the kind of service that keeps their customers coming back."


Digital payment • Africa • Ago 2020

Mondia Pay is fast becoming the preferred digital payment solution for African telcos

African telcos benefit from the best billing integration, bundling deals, user engagement and subscriber acquisition services • Mondia Pay registered 5.3 billion transactions on its platform last year with telcos across the continent

A leader in digital platform services, Mondia Pay enjoys partnerships with operators in South Africa, Botswana, Liberia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Sudan, Guinee, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Senegal where it provides telcos with the best billing integration, bundling deals, user engagement and subscriber acquisition services. 

Mondia Pay’s success with African telcos can be attributed to the flexibility of its business model which caters to different operator requirements. Subscribers can access premium content, customise their bundle offers and select the payment options that work for them in a fast and secure environment.

Mondia Pay is in the process of onboarding several new partners in Nigeria and the company is now working on launching solutions with telecom operators in Kenya, Mozambique, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burkina Faso.

“We are extremely pleased about Mondia Pay’s success in Africa as it reflects our experience working with over 80 telcos across the world and demonstrates our leadership credentials in the digital payment solutions space,” said Simon Rahmann, CEO of Mondia Pay. “Smartphone adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa is set to rise to 66% by 2025 (GSMA) which means that access to online services will continue to grow exponentially. The African operators we are talking to are all seeing an increase in payment purchases for digital services and they are keen to get ahead of the curve to capitalise on this opportunity.”

Mondia is an industry leader in content and entertainment services for audience acquisition and engagement. The company helps its partners monetise their entire customer base across mobile, web and apps through innovative and engaging digital experiences. • 8/20

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Mobility • Communication • Nov 2020

Huawei's Urban Rail Cloud Solution

Huawei's Smart Urban Rail Solution streamlines the production, management and service subsystems of urban rails and fully integrates service data

On 18 August 2020, Shenzhen Metro Lines 6 and 10 were officially opened. They are the first to comprehensively apply Huawei's Urban Rail Cloud Solution in China, as well as the first batch of metro lines with full 5G coverage in Shenzhen. They also create a record in the rail transportation industry to use artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and big data technologies to handle various metro service systems in an intelligent Horizon Digital Platform.

Line 6 of the Shenzhen Metro is 49.4km-long with 27 stations, starting at the Science Museum, then travelling through Futian, Luohu, Longhua, Guangming and Bao'an, before ending at Songgang Station. This line will not only greatly benefit public transport, but, most importantly, also benefit the development of the Guangming and Hualong Districts and will accelerate economic integration.

10 begins at Futian Port Station and passes through the central area of Futian and Meilinguan, along the central development axis to Banxuegang Science and Technology City. Line 10 is 29.31km-long, with 24 stations, and is the first line in Shenzhen that uses eight-carriage A-series trains in both northern and southern directions. It takes only 45 minutes to travel from Futian Port to Pinghu on Line 10, which relieves traffic from the Futian central area to Bantian. The line provides new access between Pinghu, Banxuegang, Huawei New City and Meilinguan East; promotes the development of the high-tech innovation area; and facilitates the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Meilinguan Congestion is alleviated

Line 10 will effectively alleviate long-suffered heavy congestion, particularly during peak hours, in Meilinguan. A strong focus was given to the agility of the implemented technology, allowing the operator to maintain services even under the most challenging conditions.

Since planning began, Shenzhen Metro Line 10 has been entrusted with connecting the north and south of the city, sharing the pressure of existing metro lines and balancing the passenger traffic of the urban road network. Further optimisation and innovation are required in security and running efficiency to ensure that these goals can be fulfilled.

To address these challenges, Shenzhen Metro adopted Huawei's industry-leading Urban Rail Cloud Solution, where cloud computing, big data, 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) are leveraged to build a unified, open and intelligent Horizon Digital Platform for urban rail. This not only provides comprehensive support for rail operations and management, but also brings a brand-new experience to the public.

What is the Urban Rail Cloud, and how can Huawei's solution be applied to Metro Lines 6 and 10?

Urban Rail Cloud

Currently, urban rail transit in China is continuously expanding. In many cities, metro construction spans over a long period and, when completed, lines come into operation quickly. However, the opening of a new line increases difficulties in the operation and management of the entire metro network, posing great challenges to ICT infrastructure.

In a network-based environment, the service processes and operation rules need to be unified to standardise service management, thereby improving efficiency and reducing operations costs. In addition, it also requires the unified deployment of service applications and centralised data management. As for urban rail, it has become necessary to use emerging technologies to implement cloud-based and digital transformations.

The Urban Rail Cloud, as the basis for smart metro construction, breaks data silos, optimises existing system architectures and provides smart metro services.

Looking forward to the future

On top of providing passengers with a unique Internet access experience, the 5G network can also benefit metro construction, production, operations and management.

During metro construction, the 5G network can provide wireless bandwidth to support visualised management to create a more efficient, reliable and safe implementation phase. In metro operations, the Huawei AirFlash 5G Train-to-Ground Data Transfer Solution features high bandwidth and low latency, which can be used to automatically upload onboard CCTV videos and monitoring data to the Urban Rail Cloud platform for device management and timely status analysis. In these scenarios, big data analysis and AI transform status management to preventive management.

China's urban rail industry has successfully implemented cloud computing, delivering an innovative set of urban rail cloud applications. Cloud-based urban rail services have gradually evolved from a single domain to multiple ones. Customers have also increasingly realised the value of these applications. Urban Rail Cloud is being deployed and promoted in both cities with existing large-scale multi-line networks – such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Wuhan – as well as those only starting to build metro lines – for example, Hohhot and Taiyuan.

Using the Urban Rail Cloud platform, Huawei's Smart Urban Rail Solution streamlines the production, management and service subsystems of urban rails and fully integrates service data. At the same time, cloud computing and big data technologies support the rapid development of urban rail transit. To date, over 170 urban rail lines in more than 70 cities around the world have implemented the solution.

In addition, Huawei actively participates in the formulation of urban rail informatisation standards in China, leads multiple standards teams and promotes urban rail cloud technologies going global. • 11/20

Finance • Africa • Ago 2020

Partnership to drive financial inclusion across Africa

Standard Chartered Bank and Airtel Africa have today announced a strategic collaboration to drive financial inclusion across key markets in Africa by providing customers with increased access to mobile financial services

Through the collaboration, Standard Chartered and Airtel Africa will work together to co-create new, innovative products aimed at enhancing the accessibility of financial services and, ultimately, better serve people across Africa. In line with this, Airtel Money’s customers will be able to make real-time online deposits and withdrawals from Standard Chartered bank accounts, receive international money transfers directly to their wallets, and access savings products amongst other services.

Standard Chartered’s corporate clients will also be able to make rapid and secure bulk disbursements, such as payroll payments, directly into the Airtel Money customers wallet. This reduces the risks associated with travelling long distances for cash payments and instead customers can go to any Airtel Money agent, kiosk, or branch to cash-out their funds.

Commenting on the collaboration, Sunil Kaushal, Regional CEO, Africa and Middle East said: “By collaborating with innovative organisations like Airtel Africa, we are accelerating our mobile and digital-led strategy to provide best in class financial services to Africa. Over the past year, Standard Chartered has rapidly launched digital banks across 9 countries on the continent, allowing our customers to enjoy seamless services from the safety of their homes even during the peak of the pandemic. This partnership will further enhance the ability of our customers to manage and move money safely and securely and create market-leading financial solutions across countries.”

The recent announcement is another step taken by Standard Chartered to further extend its reach and enhance its unique produce offering. By partnering with mobile wallet providers, the bank has expanded its network into markets where mobile wallets are prevalent, offer solutions that enable corporate and institutional clients to leverage the opportunities presented by mobile money, and enable efficient, scalable e-commerce and m-commerce solutions.

This partnership supports Airtel Africa’s efforts to expand the range and depth of its Airtel Money offerings across its 19 million customer base, with new products and services helping to promote the wider adoption of mobile money and increasing financial inclusion.

Raghunath Mandava, CEO, Airtel Africa, said: “Our relationship with Standard Chartered boosts financial inclusion across the continent, giving millions of people access to valuable banking services. We continue to invest heavily in cashing in and cashing out locations for our customers and increase our distribution. This means that our customers can now send or receive digital payments via Standard Chartered Bank directly to their mobile phones, as well as cash-out their funds at our exclusive kiosks and branches at their convenience. This highlights Airtel Africa’s commitment to providing affordable, innovative, best-in-class solutions to enhance the daily lives of our customers.”

Mobile banking transfers between Airtel Money and Standard Chartered Bank are now live in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Remaining products will be rolled out later this year subject to regulatory approvals. • 8/20

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