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VOR 17-18 • MAPFRE team

Rob Greenhalgh as watch captain

Spanish team MAPFRE have signed Britain’s Rob Greenhalgh as a watch captain for their 2017-18 campaign. Greenhalgh, who returns for his fifth Volvo Ocean Race and second with MAPFRE, is the campaign's fourth confirmed sailor, following skipper Xabi Fernández, fellow watch captain Pablo Arrarte, and Ñeti Cuervas-Mons, who will be bowman and boat captain.

The quartet boast 14 races between them – experience that will be key as they bid to win Spain's first ever Volvo Ocean Race trophy. Greenhalgh knows exactly what it takes to compete in sailing’s toughest team event, having won the race at his first attempt, onboard ABN AMRO ONE in 2005-06.


"I think we have a good boat and we will have a good team,” said the Briton. The Volvo Ocean Race starts from Alicante on 22 October and the teams will race more than 45,000 nautical miles around the world in a grueling test of sailing skill and endurance.

A total of 12 Host Cities will welcome the teams over the course of the race, which lasts more than eight months and finishes in The Hague. Skipper Xabi is delighted with his new recruit: "Rob has a lot of experience. He has already won a Volvo Ocean Race, has been second in another one and has sailed with so many different people and in all types of boats.

"He is strong, determined and does not compromise. It is always good to have a sailor with the experience Rob has in an important position like watch captain." Greenhalgh's association with the Volvo Ocean Race goes back all the way to 2004, when Kiwi Mike Sanderson called to offer him a position onboard ABN AMRO.

Since then, he's competed in three more Volvo Ocean Races, and an America's Cup – and he's back in the toughest race of all, eager to get his hands on the trophy for a second time. • 3/17

About Rob Greenhalgh

Position: Watch captain • Born: 17.08.1977 •
Place of Birth: Brighton, UK

Previous Volvo Ocean Race appearances

  • 2005-06: ABN AMRO ONE (1st)
  • 2008-09: Puma Ocean Racing (2nd)
  • 2011-12: Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing (5th)
  • 2014-15: MAPFRE (4th)

America’s Cup

  • 2007: Team Origin











El Ericsson 3 participó igualmente de la regata de práctica. (pix: Rick Tmolinson/VOR)

VOR 208-09 • El Telefónica Negro recupera el spinnaker durante la regata de práctica del jueves 2 en aguas de Alicante. (pix: R. Tomlinson/VOR)

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VOR 17-18 • Team AkzoNobel

Brand new boat for brand new team

Team AkzoNobel will compete in the 2017-18 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race in a brand new boat. Team AkzoNobel, led by Dutch skipper Simeon Tienpont, will tackle sailing’s toughest team test in the new Volvo Ocean 65 currently being constructed at Persico Marine in Bergamo, Italy. The boat, scheduled for completion in May, is identical to the current one-design fleet of seven Volvo Ocean 65s which competed in the 2014-15 edition.

Tienpont, who made the team’s milestone announcement on Wednesday at the HISWA Amsterdam Boatshow, said: “Team AkzoNobel is a brand-new team being built from the ground up – so a brand-new boat feels right.

“Every new boat is exciting, but this one is something special. It doesn’t seem very long since I started planning out this campaign on my kitchen table at home, so it’s a great feeling to now see our boat coming to fruition.”

Explaining the motivation behind the decision to commission the build of the new boat, he said: “Our goal is to be the best prepared team on the start line in Alicante, so, our first choice was always to have a new boat built.


“If you have that option, it’s a no-brainer decision to make when you are racing around the world.” And Tienpont, a double-America’s Cup winner who has twice raced the Volvo Ocean Race before, onboard ABN Amro Two in 2005-06 and Team Vestas Wind in 2014-15, admitted to having butterflies in his stomach when he first laid eyes on the new boat.

“My wife thinks it’s crazy but I always have a special bond with the boats that I race,” he confessed. “Just like some people bond with the horse that they ride or their pet dog, I relate emotionally to the boat that I race.”

The existing fleet is currently undergoing a one-million-euros-per-boat re-fit procedure at The Boatyard in Lisbon, Portugal. The new boat, which has been constructed using the same materials and moulds as the rest of the fleet, will shortly be transported to Lisbon, where it will undergo rigorous testing to ensure it adheres to the strict one-design criteria.

“We have a christening ceremony planned in the Netherlands for the summer,” Tienpont said. “Bringing our boat home for the first time will be an exciting moment and an opportunity for our Dutch supporters to see it.

“The Volvo Ocean Race is hugely popular in the Netherlands. In the same way that the French public loves the Vendée Globe, the Dutch are crazy about the Volvo Ocean Race. As a Dutchman, I’m immensely proud to be skippering a Dutch Volvo Ocean Race campaign.”

Nick Bice, Chief Technical Development Officer at the Volvo Ocean Race, has overseen the re-fit process of the existing Volvo Ocean 65s, and is delighted to see an extra boat joining the fleet. “It’s hugely exciting to expand the fleet ahead of the next edition,” he said. “Team AkzoNobel signed up early in the cycle, so they had time to build a new boat, and it will be a great benefit to them in terms of their brand fit.”

He added: “The new boat will be identical to the existing fleet in every regard. All of the Volvo Ocean 65s were built to race in at least two editions, and the seven that finished the 2014-15 edition are in fantastic condition. “You won’t be able to tell the difference between the brand new boat, and one of the old ones,” he added. “And there is no reason why an existing boat, sailed properly, cannot win the next Volvo Ocean Race.”

The Volvo Ocean Race starts from Alicante on 22 October 2017 and finishes in The Hague in the summer of 2018. The teams will complete a course of around 45,000 nautical miles, visiting a total of 12 Host Cities around the world. • 3/17










Il Mostro, segundo en llegar a Ciudaad del Cabo (nov 2008)


Volvo Ocean Race
VOR 2008-09 • La flota en plena faena durante su primer día de regata costera (de práctica) en las aguas de Alicante. (pix: Rick Tomlinson/VOR)

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