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Beijing International Import Food Expo

The Third Beijing International Import Food Expo will be held at Beijing Exhibition Center on July 4-6, 2014. The event is jointly organized by China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) and Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co. Ltd. (Zhenwei Exhibition), under the theme of “Share the Global Taste”.

Covering an area of 10,000 square meters, it is expected to attract approximately 260 international food enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions, including the US, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Japan and Korea.

Statistics released by a renowned international research institution show that 24 percent of Chinese consumers would purchase imported food. According to US Association of Food Industries, China is expected to become the world’s largest consumer of imported food in 2018.

According to Xiong Xunlin, Deputy Secretary General of CCOIC, the Expo complies with China’s current demand for transformation of economic growth mode, adjustment of the economic structure, expansion of domestic demand, and acceleration of industry and consumption upgrade.

China used to focus on export only, but now import is gaining in importance. Import is expected to play the role of balancing the macro-economy and adjusting the economic structure, and expansion of import has been part of the state strategy.

The organizers of the Expo boast data of at least 200,000 professional visitors, covering China-based buyers, import and export trading firms, food agents, dealers, supermarkets and high level clubs, among others. In addition, CCOIC and Zhenwei Exhibition will invite a huge buyer delegation, which will be a highlight of the Expo.

The Expo provides a platform for international food enterprises to tap into China’s market more efficiently and promptly, expanding business to the world’s largest consumer market. • 12/13


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Fruit Logistica 2010

IFCO supports food banks with reusable solutions

This year's FRUIT LOGISTICA marks the launch of IFCO's WORLDWIDE RESPONSIBILITY initiative. "As the global market leader in reusable packaging solutions, IFCO plans to shore up support with a broad base of food bank organisations throughout the world", explains Karl Pohler, CEO of IFCO. The company will provide the charitable associations with reusable containers to reduce their disposal costs for non-reusable packaging. IFCO also supports the organisations by co-sponsoring delivery vehicles. "IFCO can look back on a successful year in 2009. We now want to focus our corporate responsibility on very specific projects and assist the food bank organisations with our expertise and packaging solutions", Pohler says explaining the company's commitment. In addition to its product innovations, IFCO is presenting its new project this year at FRUIT LOGISTICA.

New record crop for South Tyrolean apple growers

The 8,000 apple growers of South Tyrol have broken their records of the last three years by producing 1,016,289 tonnes of apples. This exceeds the 2008 harvest by no less than 9%, says Paul Zandanel of the Export Organisation South Tyrol from the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce. "The leaders this season are Golden Delicious, Gala and Red Delicious". The inner and outer quality of the apples is excellent, Zandanel reports. "Optimum weather conditions meant that growers were able to keep to the official harvest window. This means that South Tyrol will again be able to supply very high-quality produce in 2010". Zandanel points out that projections for the 2009/10 marketing season remain uncertain due to recent price trends. 

Anecoop records EUR 450 million in sales

"In the previous 2008/2009 campaign we generated sales of around EUR 450 million and we marketed 672,000 tonnes of fresh products", reports Anecoop Managing Director José M. Planells. He adds that the company has 87 agricultural cooperatives throughout Spain. "We are the leading European supplier of fruit and vegetables and one of the world's leading exporters of citrus fruits with more than 330,000 tonnes marketed. Our Bouquet, Black Cat, Nadal and other brands are known worldwide". The marketing enterprise is presenting several new products at FRUIT LOGISTICA including the new "Clemensoon". This early clementine is sold exclusively by Anecoop. The second-tier cooperative recently opened a subsidiary in Moscow. "Our new subsidiary enabled us to immediately address the demand in the Russian market", says the managing director.

Freshfel Europe uses trade fair for meetings and networking

"Freshfel Europe sees FRUIT LOGISTICA as a unique platform for meetings and networking with its members and other industry representatives", explains Philippe Binard, General Secretary of Freshfel Europe. For almost a decade Freshfel has been conducting an important meeting on trade policy at FRUIT LOGISTICA to discuss the latest developments in the industry with members of the entire supply chain in Europe and beyond. Topics include trade talks, food safety, pest control, climate change and the European School Fruit Programme.

Export of Styrian Apples has increased five-fold

Some 50% of Styrian apple production is exported to over 30 countries, including Germany, Great Britain, Spain and Sweden and increasingly to Eastern European countries. "The first shipment of apples recently went to Qatar and we just sent an offer to Cuba", says Dr. Roman Seligo, Managing Director of EVA Handels GmbH. Speaking at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2010 he reported that apple exports have increased five-fold over the past several years. "The special flavour of the Styrian apple and the high quality standards for production, storage and marketing ensure that people all over the world keep falling 'freshly in love' with the Styrian apple", says Manfred Stessel, Managing Director of Obst Partner Steiermark GmbH, alluding to this year's Styrian trade fair slogan.

Canada Pavilion at FRUIT LOGISTICA for the first time

Canada is exhibiting in its own pavilion for the first time at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2010. "We are proud to give our member companies the chance to take part in this international trade fair. This enables interested businesses from abroad to discover what the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) has to offer", explains CPMA President Dan Dempster. The CMPA is a non-governmental organisation representing more than 690 members who account for over 90% of the fresh fruit and vegetable sales in Canada.

Trade Fair Premiere: Cleanly Separating Pomegranate Peel from the Arils

Israeli exhibitor Hefestus Ltd. is introducing its processing equipment for pomegranates at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2010. The system cleanly separates the peel from the arils. "Conventional processors squeeze pomegranate juice out in various ways, including pressing the juice with the peel, which causes a bitter taste due to the highly concentrated tannins in the peel", explains President and CEO Oded Shtemer. "Using Hefestus' technology improves the natural flavour of the pomegranate juice. The automatic process also shortens production and significantly lowers labour costs". 

French exhibitors with an array of new products

Sopexa brings together a total of 181 French companies and sales promotion associations that are introducing a variety of new products at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2010, including pre-cooked and seasoned potato wedges and pre-cooked, vacuum-packed red beet cubes by Lunor. Fleuron d’Anjou offers a premium quality pre-washed lamb's leaf lettuce in a colourfully designed 150-gram stay-fresh bag. Rougeline has added the Pinkoo tomato variety to its line of products. Tomate Jouno presented its new variety called Blackpearl. Pom’Évasion introduces "Les Mop", the children's apple for collectors. The new product line from Concept Fruits includes cooked, vacuum-packed chestnuts with mushrooms, mild onions or raisins and dried apricots. The "Big Bag" by Luc Sockeel Emballages fits perfectly into the various pallet-compatible fruit or vegetable crates

Technology solutions and reusable Packaging from the USA

Seventeen exhibitors are represented in the 300m2 USA pavilion at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2010. Among them are regular exhibitors such as Bard Valley Medjool Date Growers, Cranberry Marketing Committee, PALM Nuts & More, USA Pears and the Washington Apple Commission. Newcomers this year include KPG Solutions and Macro Plastics. KPG Solutions offers high-tech solutions for perishable products in the supply chain including the fully integrated ERP and Food Safety Manager software programs. Macro Plastics is a leading global provider of bulk returnable and reusable containers. The company's products and services are used for transport and storage in the agricultural and food processing industry as well as in retail and industrial markets.

Flandria is the best known vegetable brand in German retail

Belgian growers cultivate 870,000 tonnes of vegetables each year for the fresh foods market. This includes 517,000 tonnes that are field-grown and 353,000 tonnes grown under glass, reports Paul Coenen, Manager of the Flanders Agricultural Marketing Office (VLAM), speaking at the FRUIT LOGISTICA 2010 kickoff. A total of 500,000 tonnes bear the Flandria seal. In all, the Flandria family includes 55 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Belgium exports 737,000 tonnes of fresh vegetables each year, with 570,000 tonnes going to EU countries. Of this amount, 165,000 tonnes are sold in Germany, including 76,000 tonnes of tomatoes, 27,000 tonnes of head lettuce, 16,000 tonnes of cucumbers and 13,000 tonnes of leeks. Belgium is the fifth largest supplier of vegetables to Germany, Coenen said. “According to a market survey, 88% of the respondents indicated that Flandria is the best known vegetable brand in the German retail sector. 75% indicated that Flandria achieves the greatest market penetration”. 

DOEK: Systematic support for the Russian market

In spring of 2000, the six leading growers' organisations for marketing dessert apples in Germany, which represent nearly 80% of the entire marketing volume from organised production, founded the German Fruit Export Office (DOEK). The goal is to systematically develop the Russian market and to provide local support. A cooperative agreement was concluded with Rus Marketing GmbH, which maintains a representative office in Moscow. Along with fruit and vegetables, future plans focus on supplying flowers and plants. DOEK is represented at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2010 at the joint stand for the German Association of Fruit and Vegetable Growers (BVEO) in Hall 20.


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